Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Feb 13, 2010 Im broke, lets start this thing.

Lets start this journey, I just got divorced, sold my home, moved to a different state. I have $600.00 in savings, I owe $900.00 in credit card debt.

I have lived the frugal life for a while, I have worked only part time most of my adult life, I don't waste money, ohhh I have wasted money in the past and it pisses me off when I do that, lol My goals for 2010 are to build up some savings, not sure exactly how much yet, and to knock down my credit card debt, Right now I'm struggling, I watch every dime, this is the worst shape I have been in in years, but enough bitching , ha ha.

My day today

I didn't have to work today, I made some stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon, (recipe to come later) they are so good, I watched some of my reality TV shows, cleaned the house, it was a no spend day and no drive day. Each month I keep track of my No Spend days (days I dont spend a dime, bills dont count) No drive days (days i dont drive at all, these are hard, as I work 4-5 days a week) I took this idea from another blogger, Its alot harder than people realize at first, it gets easier the longer you do this. It was a nice relaxing day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Feb 13, 2010 FIRST POST EVER

This is my 1st blog and my 1st entry, Ill tell you a little about myself, 1st off, I am not a great writer, lol I am just not, so im sorry right off the bat. I wanted to write a blog about living frugal from my point of view, I am a 40 year old single guy, living in Florida (for now) no kids and 5 dogs. I read alot of frugal blogs out there ( by mostly woman) and really enjoy them,

I noticed alot of frugal chicks out there have kids, are really into the bible, are food snobs and wont eat processed foods, 1 blog I read the girl has done a great job saving alot of money and only works part time, but her parents gave her a house so she has no rent or mortgage, well, I could save a ton if I didnt have rent. lol YES, I am jealous of her.

I am not a food snob, I dont read the bible and I have no kids, (not that there is anything wrong with any of those) My point of view may be a bit different from alot of the frugal bloggers out there.

I will be posting on my day to day life living as frugal as I can, I will make mistakes and my ways are not always best for everyone, feel free to comment, I will not delete comments, if they are negitive, or rude, or I offend you, tell me, I will still keep them, I am not just looking for soft fluffy comments, (although those are great to) if I piss you off, feel free to tell me, I am a realist and I like to be told the truth.

A little bit about how I live....

I dont have a cell phone, (never have)
I LOVE cable tv, so Im keeping my DVR box, get over it, lol
I dont have kids, this is a HUGE way to live frugal. lol
I have a 2000 car. no car payments.
I try to see how many "no spend days" I can have each month, Its harder than you think.
I am a hard core couponer, thats right, a dude couponer. I find the deals, and stock up!
I am not much into "stuff" I dont have alot of clutter and dont find the need to buy any junk.
I use the jar method to save for things I need or want. (more on this later).
I pick "time" over "money" (more on that later)
I love to learn from others.

Lets have some fun.